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Climate Change: America, India and China

  CLIMATE CHANGE: AMERICA, INDIA AND CHINA By   V. Ranganathan, Professor, IIM, Bangalore. Abstract All the three countries US, India and China have abundant coal and a large coal based electricity program.   All of them face stiff choices between low cost and carbon footprint in their future electricity generation program..   Of this US had maximum Carbon emissions, followed by China and then India.   This year, 2011, has seen the tipping point where China has overtaken the US for Carbon emissions.   For India energy intensity has actually decreased, as evidenced by energy-gdp elasticity figure changing from 1.2 to 0.8 over the last couple of years.   However while China is seen as making efforts to reduce emissions—in fact it has outmaneuvered US industries by offering lower cost emission reduction equipment—India   is often accused of not playing the ball.    The paper addresses   different approaches of the three countries to the Climate change issue and in partic